Welcome to the first of what will be many “Cheapskate” posts! First I’ll share a favorite high-end look, then scroll down the page to see how I put together a very similar look for wayyyyy less $$$! Who doesn’t love that?

Here’s the high-end version:

I know, I know, it’s late for a such a summery post. But when you’re lucky enough to get summer-time temps on Halloween, you’ve got to take advantage while you can! Like I mentioned in my “Fashion Guidelines”, dress for the location and climate, not just because it’s technically “fall”. Besides, with so many resort/cruise collections coming out now, it’s hard not to fantasize about those mid-winter, warm-weather getaways… (I’m sure this will be the first of many off-season “resort-type” posts you see on Glamour House. Simply because I’m a warm-weather girl through and through.)

You’ll also be seeing a lot of my little pom Mooshi in my future posts. I’m slightly obsessed with him– plus he’s a bit of a ham– so he’ll definitely sneak into outfit photos whenever he can.

Dress: Alexander Wang. Shoes: Christian Louboutin (from seasons past). Hat: Hermes. Sunglasses: Chanel. Bag: Hermes Birkin. Jewelry: Cartier, David Yurman, Fred.

Now for the “Cheapskate” version:


Dress: TopShop. Shoes: Tommy HilfigerHat: Biltmore Hats FedoraSunglasses: Suncloud ‘Cookie’. Bag: Danielle Nicole ‘Jaida’ Satchel.

The trick to making a less expensive outfit look expensive is to be picky with the items. Make sure fabrics don’t scream “synthetic,” seams are straight, and inspect accessories for imperfections or irregularities. Don’t just buy something because it’s a steal or on sale. In the end it doesn’t matter how much you pay: if you style a look correctly, and the “cheaper” items don’t actually look cheap you can easily dress like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

I hope you enjoyed the first “Cheapskate” post! Happy Friday, get out and enjoy the weekend!