The apparent competition every designer seems to have right now with producing any and every clothing item in a leather version, colored leather version, or with leather accents is speaking to me. No, yelling at me. I am the person they’re targeting. And it’s working….




Don’t even get me started on these boots. It’s going to be a love or a very serious hate. My mom says they look like 1/2 a pant-leg is coming over the shoe. Friends say it looks like I’m carrying lead weights around my ankles. Obviously for me it’s love. True, unadulterated, unconditional love. It’s one of those items you love so much that there’s really nothing anyone can say to change your mind. Like the parents who only see perfection in a child who’s a complete terror and a menace to society. I’m the mom to my menacing boots.





 Leather Top: Theory (now on SALE!). Skirt: Rag&BoneJacket Helmut LangSheath Boots: Givenchy (beautiful beige version here, burgundy suede here, brown, and even eel skin here if you’re feeling lux!). Bag: Celine. Sunglasses: Oliver PeoplesJewelry: Cartier, Fred.

Photos courtesy of David Tang.