I wear white after Labor Day. A lot. In fact, I wear a lot of white before and on Labor Day as well. If you’ve ready my Fashion Guidelines, you know I hate “rules” fashion should be expressive and individual, but just as smart as it is creative. It can look silly to wear gloves on your hands and flip-flops on your feet, but you can pair a chunky scarf with a skirt– if you cover-up with your top, and wear closed toes shoes. (Gray tights are probably a practical add to this outfit– but let’s be real, for the pics it looks better bare.) When you mix off-season items, just remember one out-of-season item is enough and be sure to balance it with the other pieces in the outfit.

Skirt: Juicy Couture. Sweater: J.Crew (no longer available, but similar look here). Scarf: H&M. Pumps: Jimmy Choo. Purse: Chanel.

Photos by Felicia Lasala.